In the late 1850’s Shiloh was a small quaint community that consisted of a general store, a lumber mill and the one room school house that is still standing to this day.

The community of Shiloh used the school house as a place of worship until in 1877 when Shiloh church was built.

The Methodist held services at Shiloh until the 1950’s, and then they closed their doors. The school house was still in use even with the church boarded up. The school house remained in service to the community as the township board of elections where the local residents came to vote. Finally that to was closed and became another old vacant building sitting beside the boarded up church and remained so for 27 years without a prayer or praise.

In 1984 Perry Ogden and a small group of Christian approached Reverend John Neal about reopening the old forgotten church that had been boarded up for almost three decades that held so much historic and spiritual value for the community. After much prayer and perseverance the reviving efforts to this historical property began. God began to open seemingly impossible doors to allow Shiloh to be once again a working house of worship again. The reopening of Shiloh was in July 8th, 1984 where once more Shiloh was a light into the local community for the gospel to be preached and shared.

Shiloh, reopened and incorporated as Shiloh Full Gospel Fellowship, began to reach the surrounding community and quickly began to see growth in attendance and church in this community was much needed. In 1995 Shiloh joined the Church of God Cleveland Assembly and then became Bethel Shiloh Church of God.

In the years since Shiloh’s reopening thousands have been born again, baptized in water and filled with the Spirit of God. God has moved mightily and God has truly set His Spirit on this house of worship. Shiloh has been through 2 building projects adding on more space for souls to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The biggest and the most recent building program was just completed in 2012 which added 2 class rooms, an administrative office, youth center, 3 new restrooms and a new stage with more seating. Shiloh has been blessed with the some of the most amazing people who donated their time, skills, materials and money to this large project to expand our walls. We are now so happy and blessed to say Shiloh can currently hold 285 people.
Present Day

The impact that Shiloh church has had over the 135 years since the original builders hammered the first nail into a building that would with stand the test of time and reach so many souls, heal so many wounds, feed so many families and be the light to the truth of Jesus Christ. All of us at Shiloh love our history and are proud of where God has brought our church and God will keep moving and taking Shiloh into the next generation. Come join us and be a part of this amazing family of God.